Friday, November 7, 2008

Political Rambling...feel free to ignore.

It pretty much goes without saying that I am disappointed with the outcome of this election. I truly hoped the people of America would look deep inside themselves and really vote for morals, values, and basically for what this country was founded upon. I am so sick of watching our country turn into something that is afraid to offend anyone with what is right and what is wrong. I can hardly stand sitting here watching my beloved America turn into pile of lack of self responsibility. Of, do whatever you want and face no consequences. Of, don't worry about taking care of yourself and family, we'll do it for you. I'm 21 short years old, and I realize that our nation is on a fairly short spiral that is dwindling down to hell.

Shortly before the election, I posted things on Facebook and Myspace and even here on the blog saying things like, "Remember to vote! Some issues are more important than others, and I choose life", and things of the like. Then, shortly after the outcome of our election I posted things such as "Kristin is praying for the nation she loved. Lord knows we'll need it." or "Kristin and Rob are saying goodbye to the America they love", etc. I got bombarded with questions like, "how can you vote for a candidate based on one issue?" and "why do you believe you have to say goodbye to America?" Well, my beloved friends, some issues are more important than others. If it came down to it, I would probably side with whomever believed abortion was wrong simply because I am so firm in my belief that it is, and I cannot, and will not, vote for someone who plans on making it as legal as possible. However, luck was with me and the man who believed abortion is wrong also held many, many other policies and beliefs that I agreed with.

Please let me begin with the fact that I am 100% no where near racist. I have friends of all different skin colors and nationalities. I grew up in a school system where being white was nearly the minority. I embrace different backgrounds and races and find the varying histories, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles extremely interesting and amazing. I love the fact that America exists because of all of the numerous nationalities coming here for the betterment of themselves and the future of their families. One of the biggest reasons I believe in creation is because of the amazing differences within our one species. We are so much the same and so much different all at once.

Now, keeping all of this in mind, I feel that Barack was nominated to be our president, in large part, due to the color of his skin. It worked like reverse racism, which to me, is still racism. There was around a 20 percent increase in black voters this election, and Obama scored 95% of those votes. Now, Obama did win by a landslide while considering electoral votes (which, I know, it is how our country runs our elections...) but he was barely ahead in the popular vote (which is every single vote counted.) Since the vast majority of black people reside in well-populated states (thus states with more electoral votes) many of which are swing states; well, you can see where I am going with this. I feel that people were more attracted to his race than his policies and beliefs. I have a really interesting audio clip if you would like to hear it. Howard Stern went into New York and asked numerous different black people who they were voting for, all of whom said Obama. He then attributed aspects of McCain to Obama, and asked their view points on them. For example, one question he asked was "Are you voting for Obama because of his policy of pro-life or how he believes we need to keep the troops in Iraq until the job is done?" only to be answered with 'both.' They even asked if they liked Obama's choice of vice president as Sara Palin, and they said they did. I mean, seriously, come on.

Now, all race things aside, I understand you cannot vote for a candidate simply based on one policy, but the abortion issue is one that is probably the most important to me. For God sakes, the man voted with the side of 'neonaticide', meaning the killing of an infant after it was born alive. In the specific case, the woman had gone to an abortion clinic at 30ish weeks pregnant, the abortion had failed and the baby was born alive. Since this baby was destined to be aborted, they made no attempt to keep it alive and left it for dead. I cannot mark a ballot promising my support for any person who would condone that.

You wouldn't even have to go that far to be considered incredibly wrong in my book. Abortion, at any point in the pregnancy, is WRONG. It is already determined what the baby, the human, inside you will have for hair color, eye color, height; the child already has everything it needs to grow into the man or woman he or she will become. There is a great chance the heart is beating by the time you find out you are pregnant. I could care less if this baby was conceived at an inconvenient time; you can't kill you boss for scheduling an inconvenient meeting. I don't care if this baby was created, causing an obnoxious pregnancy. You can't kill an obnoxious neighbor. Why did we decide as a nation that it is okay to kill the most innocent, the most fragile, the most pure and decent human beings that exist?

Every time I have asked someone why they believe the woman has a right to choose, they always throw in some sob story about a baby who would come into the world in a horrible, abusive household and would most likely be born addicted to drugs, yata, yata, yata. Here's the deal, folks. For starters, this is a rare case scenario. For the most part, abortions take place simply as a form of birth control. Second of all, do we go out and kill all of the children that are already living in abusive, drug-filled homes? Um, no. Third, and perhaps most important to my heart, is I have a person who is extremely close to me (I will protect the identity simply for their sake of feelings) who was born to parents whom were both on drugs all through the pregnancy and childhood of this person. This person was abused and neglected throughout the majority of the beginning of their life, and I can say with the utmost confidence, that this person has become an amazing, intelligent, successful, wonderful human being. And the last thing I would ever want to imagine is a world in which they didn't exist.

Now, because people harass me about my unfailing pro-life belief, I should let you know that another big issue of mine is the War on Terrorism. I believe we are doing wonders over there and have MANY friends who have served one or two terms in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of whom see the changes and believe that we are doing the right thing. Believe me, I would love to see our troops coming home. To see every man and woman out there being able to come back, safe and sound, to the country they love and fight for, to their families, to their homes. I cannot wait until this can happen. But we cannot bring our troops home as a surrender. I will laugh and shout and cheer and cry when we bring our troops home in victory. To do anything else, will only hinder our attempts, and nearly make all those who have sacrificed their lives to have done so in vain. To pull out now would, not only be nearly impossibly strategic wise, but incredibly dumb. We would leave these nations in utter chaos as they are trying to rebuild their governments and we would look like failures, giving up and surrendering. It really says something to me, when terrorists are pulling for a certain candidate.

I also believe we need to stop relying on nations that hate us for our oil. I believe free health care is absurd; we have a neighboring country that proves it doesn't work. Not only that, but there are already programs for those in need. I worked at a hospital for years; we couldn't turn down someone who really needed medical attention simply because lack of health insurance. It is something like (and don't quote me on these numbers) nearly 10% of all hospital patients are homeless. Obviously, they don't have health insurance and are still cared for as anyone with a tip-top health care plan. I could go on and on about the issues I believe and don't believe.

I truly believe that McCain would have had it in the bag, had the economy not taken a downward spiral mere weeks before the election. Since republicans are in office now, (and already not favored) even though McCain is not very far right at all, the whole party was blamed and many decided to swing their vote because of it. Interestingly enough, Obama really has no plan to fix the economy. Distribution of wealth, which to me is not a plan at all, is entirely socialism. If I wanted to live in a socialistic environment, I would move to Cuba. Rob and I are no where near rich, or even wealthy. I think we are considered low, low middle class. And still, I want nothing to do with someone else's money. My dad makes a pretty penny every year and it is because he does, and has, worked his butt of to get where he is. He doesn't have 18 different college degrees, and he wasn't handed and golden spoon; he worked for it. I think it does more harm than good to tell someone we don't think they will ever succeed, so here, have someone else's money.

Perhaps, for me, what it all comes down to is personal responsibility. You had unprotected sex? Guess what, that WAS your choice. You can't keep a job? Obviously, you need to work at that. We started this war, we need to finish it. Aside from personal responsibility, the other main reason I tend to be republican is because I truly believe the smaller the government, the better. I understand and support social programs; no one should starve, if people are having a hard time, we need to get them back on their feet but we cannot carry them for the rest of their lives. It is telling them we don't believe they are any good. It is so frustrating to me that people don't see this; it is so incredibly clear.

I am proud of our country for voting in someone of a different race for the first time. However, I never thought it wasn't possible, I never believed we couldn't, but I do believe that is what America is all about; giving everyone an unbiased opportunity to succeed- so I do not think it is that huge of a deal. However, Barack Obama is soon to be my president, and I will respect him for what he is. I do not want to be the person (like so many others did these last four years) driving around with president-bashing bumper stickers. I still love my country and I will not stoop to the level of demeaning it or the person that is in charge of it. I just hope my America can stay the America I love. and I will do my darnedest to put my faith in it and believe it will.

I will now stop my frustrating banter and let you breathe. If you made it through all of that, congratulations; it was quite a mouthful.