Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three Months

Dear Reagan-

You're three months old today, and I am afraid I'm forgetting how small you were. Yes, yes, I know, you're still only three months old. You're still tiny and wiggly and warm. But I know you were smaller and I'm already struggling to remember it. And that stings a little.

People always say "I can't believe (enter child) is (enter age) already! Where did the time go? Just yesterday..." But I think it's a lie. And until now I could be accused of it myself. But today I realized I can't believe you are only three months old. I feel like you have been here forever. Like for as long as I've been, so have you. That you and Daddy and I have never been separate. Like we are one unit; who has always been and will always be. You just fit so well with us that there are no cracks or space between telling of what used to be. Life without a baby, without you, though only experienced three months ago, is an eternity away. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are literally changing daily. One day you began spastically reaching for dangling toys, and today you effortlessly (though very proudly) bat and grab and chew on them.The chew is very recent, and you still haven't quite perfected it. But whenever you grab something, it makes its way towards your mouth. Clothes, blankets, toys, fingers, name it, it's mouth bound. You actually being able to play is very exciting to me. For selfish reasons, you play in your jumperoo or on your mat for longer periods of time, allowing me to get some things done. But also because I love that you're able to do something. That you have moved passed the sitting and starring blankly to being able to interact with your environment and enjoy it! I am highly anticipating watching you become even more able to play and (gasp!) move around! (Many people gave me the advice to not ever wish movement upon you. But I cannot allow myself to be that selfish. I know you are going to LOVE being able to get where you want to go!)

Speaking of moving, we haven't achieved roll over quite yet. But you are certainly getting close. You are only happy on your belly for minutes at a time, but you are definitely starting to get your muscles working with you. From your back, you can roll to your side. This is your new favorite way to sleep. As soon as I lay you down, usually swaddled, for night you grunt and groan and thrash about until you're poor little head is thrown back, but SUCCESS! You manage to get on your side. Also on your back, you can spin in circles. We'll lay you on your play mat, only to find you minutes later in an entirely different position than we placed you in. I realize this is entirely unintentional, you just don't. ever. stop. moving. You kick and flail and kick and wiggle and kick and arch and kick and kick and kick. And all that movement literally propels you around the floor.

Sleep is somewhat of a sore subject. You take beautiful and sweet to whole new levels while you sleep, but while you're getting there you give Reagan Rage an honest meaning. You fight and fight and fight sleep. It can make for some very frustrating times. Especially because once you have actually fallen asleep (which, of course, you had to be rocked and sung to to get there) you don't want to be put down. Which eliminates naps as a break for me and makes getting anything done besides loving on you (which is my favorite thing anyways) absolutely, sometimes frustratingly, impossible. You have still remained a pretty good nighttime sleeper, rarely fighting sleep at bedtime, but in the last few weeks you have begun waking up twice in the night instead of your typical one time. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I truly don't mind getting up to feed you. But I wouldn't complain about a little more sleep either.

You have achieved the oh-so-typical baby bald spot right smack in the middle of the back of your head. Your hair, or lack there of, in general these days is kind of goofy looking. You have very little on top, some longish hair in the back towards the top, a bald spot, then more longish hair on the bottom in the back. It's a little funky but you manage to pull it off and still look completely adorable, of course.

Over the last few weeks I had been saying I think you finally had gotten some chunk in your cheeks. From day one you have been a little baby. Very petite with small, feminine features. You remained steadfast in the 25th percentile for weight and were just downright little. Don't get me wrong, you are still a pretty little baby. But in a mere 12 weeks, you gained over 5 pounds! That is just crazy to me. At 12 1/2 weeks, you weighed in at 12 pounds 4 ounces! You took a giant leap from the 25th straight up to the 50th percentile for weight! It is hard to believe, though, because you still look like such a little peanut. But a little peanut with some chunk in her cheeks.

Your Daddy and I truly cannot get enough of you. You have begun laughing in a more understandable way (you used to make this low, guttural sound that was clearly you attempting a laugh) and it is the most joyful sound on earth. You usually do it quite a few times in a row, so we're thinking you like the sound of it too.

Reagan, Reagan, Reagan. I knew I was going to love being a mother. I think everyone who knows me knew I would love it. But it is drastically different, amazingly better, and offers more incredible rewards than I could have ever imagined. I thought I knew what love was. And I did, to an extent. Your Daddy and I are giddy in love. But it is an entirely different ball game, the love I have for you. And I hope to God I can show you how immensely, how deeply, I love you. I hope you will never be without that knowledge. And I'm sure at times I will fail. Just know that there is absolutely nothing you can do to make me love you more or less. I am so completely enamored by you and this love you have grown within me. Nothing can ever change that.

To the moon and back, my sweet girl.

-Your Mommy

Your Favorite Things

  1. Your Puppies. I didn't realize you would take notice to them so quickly, but ohmygoodness you love those crazy beasts. You can sit and stare at them for minutes on end, and anytime one of them comes up to you you are all grins. Bella especially loves you, constantly wanting to give you kisses until Mommy or Daddy yells at her to stop. Baylee procures the most smiles, though. Probably because she's so goofy looking.
  2. Your play mat. You still absolutely love this thing. However, looking at the pretty baby in the mirror no longer receives most of the attention. Now, trying to fit as much of that hanging lion in your mouth as possible occupies your time.
  3. Water. You LOVE being in water. You shower with me almost daily and you love being under the flow of water. Even when it goes directly on your head and over your face you are as happy as can be. You most definitely take after Mama in this regard. 
  4. Your car seat frog toy. Holy cow you love that thing. It is one of the toys that really enticed you to start reaching for things initially. You will sit there and spin and spin and spin those silly toys! You sometimes even complain when the music turns off. Teaching you to press that button is one of the first things on my to-do list.