Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Know You're Pregnant When...

I will admit I'm slightly nervous about giving birth. Not for the pains of labor, not for being entirely responsible for a tiny, completely helpless human being. Not for any physical or emotional reason. I'm nervous about not having the excuse of pregnancy anymore. I use the term excuse probably too loosely because everything that inhibits me in pregnancy is completely honest. I truly have ZERO energy. I seriously lack the desire to get anything done, all well fretting the un-doneness of it all. Food honestly has no appeal and cooking it equates right up with playing with spiders in my book. (And no, I am not fond of spiders.) My hips literally are about to pop right out of place, and frequently feel like they have every time I roll over in bed. Which is approximatively every 28 seconds for those who are wondering.

What if the energy doesn't come back? What if I never feel like getting off the couch again? I'm assuming blaming the pregnancy will no longer work once the baby is outside of my body.

Stop. Rewind. All of this is to say, I hate that I haven't kept the blog updated. I meant to. I truly had the best intentions to keep this as a running history of our first pregnancy. The quirks. The excitement. The cravings. The aches and pains. Yet here we are into week 35 and we have, what? Three, maybe four, pregnancy posts? Ay yi yi.

So, and I ask very politely, if I may backtrack? Go back through the last 6 months or so that have gone undocumented and just pretend I've been that perfect balloon bellied, soon to be mama who forgets nothing and accomplishes everything? Please and thank you. :)