Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome the newest member of our family!

Hello Folks, this is Rob posting for a change!

Kristin and I celebrated our own private little Christmas on Christmas day, which was wonderful (I love my wife more then anything!), but then her family came over for the weekend to have a Christmas with them, and boy was it fun! We got to spend some good ole quality time together, and we even went and saw the movie "Marley and Me", which I can tell you is just as moving as the book, and very well done.

In any case Kristin's parents had brought over a bunch of presents for us all to open, along with the disclaimer that this year was strangely over-abundant because they sold their house. After we had opened all the wonderful things they had brought us, they looked askance at each other with quotes like "I think we forgot one..." and "Isn't there one missing?" upon which they made us close our eyes and went out to their car to get something. When they came in this was sitting in front of us.So welcome the newest member of our family, 32LG30, we will make sure he is well cared for!