Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're Alive!

So I am minding my own business, folding laundry, forgetting to shower and obsessing over Photoshop when a little birdie came by and informed me I have this thing called a blog that I unofficially vowed to keep up. Slightly paranoid about a talking bird, I obliged to look into it and realized its been oh so very long since our last post in which we apologized for it being oh so very long since our last post. Does that make sense? Good.

So here I am, yet again, needing to catch up on our life's story, post much past-due pictures, and even older events. I have decided, however, to pretend I'm caught up and start anew. Eventually I will get this thing down pat and throw up one or two of the million of pictures I snap each week, write a couple words, a nice parting sentence and maintain my unwritten promise to the blogging world to do my part. Eventually.

What a nice word. Eventually. No deadlines, no promises. Eventually I will have thousands of extra dollars in the bank just waiting for that rainy day. Eventually Rob won't have to remind me that we are t-minus -3 days in need of clean socks. Eventually I will know every setting on my camera and use them, perfectly, without thought. Eventually I will finish those two online classes that I am kindly attemtping to will out of existence. Eventually I will play the guitar like a pro. Eventually we will get Rob's car cleaned up, the credit cards payed off, and the dryer won't make that awful chunk-chink-chunk sound for the entire duration of the cycle. But now? Now I will continue obsessing with Photoshop, reading The Pioneer Woman a little too frequently and pretending that the sock drawer is full.

Oh. And now I'll post some sweet Valentine's pictures of me and my sweet lover from -gasp- Valentine's Day!


We should begin by saying our Valentine's was really spread out due to our being spoiled by family. My parents brought us over a really sweet basket with our wedding wine, a cozy heart blanket, and all of the tasty ingredients for a yummy Italian dinner, and cash for a movie. Then my grandparents sent us nice Valentine's wishes and a gift card for Red Robin which we thoroughly enjoyed Friday night. And one of my grandma's sent over some cash in a sweet card in which we used to purchase some of our Valentine's ingredients. Aren't we ridiculously spoiled? Thanks for all the love, everyone!


We had a royally fun weekend. It would have been an amazingly great weekend Valentine's or not simply because Rob had a short day Friday, then the weekend, and Monday was a holiday! A nearly four day weekend?!?! What is that that you speak of? We were so excited to not shower, dress, brush our hair, answer our phones or do anything but sit on our butts and enjoy the presence of each other and the lack of anything to do.

Oh. And he woke me up to breakfast. Wasn't quite breakfast in bed but it was darn close. What a sweet, sweet man I have.


This weekend was the longest amount of time he had off since our wedding. Er, well, would have had off if he hadn't had to answer Boyd's beckoning call on Saturday. On Valentine's. Three times.

Luckily my man is about the most patient, flexible man out there and kept his calm, talked the Ellensburg customer (You know the one in Ellensburg? You know that city 150 miles away? From me? On my first Valentine's day with my husband? On a Saturday? Yeah...that one) into waiting until Tuesday, quickly fixed the issue out in Leavenworth (still 25 miles away) and on the way back stopped and dropped off coffee at the third needy place.

My Momma would be proud that I am able to look at the bright side and say it turned out alright. Even though he was gone for almost two hours, it was in the middle of the day in which I took the time to wrap his present, set the table, and try my hardest to control my excitement knowing I got to see him come in the door, our door, to me. (There is just something about watching him come home to me...)


Once my knight in shining armor returned home to me, we began the rest of our Valentine's fun. We started off with Lemon Drops which was a whole new world to me. And oh what a fun and tasty world it is. Seriously, folks. You have got to give Lemon Drops a fair chance to please your taste buds. They deserve it just as much as your favored margarita or cosmopolitan or whatever it is people drink these days.

Note: Technically, a Lemon Drop is where you take a shot of really cold Vodka, and follow it by sucking on a slice of lemon that has been dipped in sugar (see right). I tried to make my own Lemon Drop Martini (seen left) and while it was tasty, it just wasn't quite the same.

We continued our glorious nothingness whilst playing a game, doing Lemon Drops and staring at each other wondering how in the heck it had already been six months since we said "I do" all the while wondering how in the heck it had only been six months since we said "I do."

Its a rough, confusing life we lead. :)

For dinner we brought out the full meal deal (literally) and began with a delicious, mouth watering, seriously I could only eat it for the rest of my life, Baked Pecan and Honey Crusted Brei served with none other than raspberry jam and whole grain crackers. Mmm...

(Warning: No peoples lost weight in the making of this Valentine's Day.)


We entirely bypassed our planned salad. I guess we figured we were going so far overboard, why taint it with lettuce and other healthy articles? We then had T-Bone steaks covered in homemade roasted garlic, bacon, and various spices, Homemade Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and pan fried asparagus. Can you say yum? Its a good thing we were only kissing each other that night because we most assuredly had garlic on our breath.



We meant to finish off the night with our good friends recipe for "Better Than Anything* Cake" (*censored name) but a few Lemon Drops in and two extremely full bellies later, we waited to make the cake until the next day. Which is why I don't have a picture of it. Which is probably a good thing. You see, this cake is a German chocolate cake, which is taken freshly baked out of the oven, holes are punched all over, sweetened condensed milk is poured on top, then covered in caramel, whipped cream and heath bar chunks. Simply said, it is known to cause Diabetic shock merely by looking at it. (We cheated and used Oreos instead of heath bar and oh my goodness was it delicious.)

Eating in was so much more fun for us than getting all gussied up and going out to a crowded restaurant, dishing out a hundred bucks and calling it a night. Oh how I love our hermit crab lifestyle.

The thing about Valentine's Day is this; it is not the only day to pour love out on each other. It isn't the only day to buy your love gifts, to go all out on a fancy four course meal at home, to clean the house, or surprise your one and only with breakfast. It isn't the only day to kiss every three minutes, or write a sweet card. It is a wonderful, much needed reminder, however, to spoil your love. To tell them they still mean the world to you, that you still get the excited jitters when they come home, and to take time from your busy lives to focus just on each other.

And that, my friends, is exactly what we did.