Friday, October 22, 2010

Five Months


Time seems to be moving really fast. I can't even tell you how old you are in weeks any more because I've lost count. All I know is you've been here for almost half a year now, you're starting to look like a person more than a baby and you are quickly becoming mobile!

First of all, you sit! One day I brought out the Boppy to help support you in a sitting position and it seemed to work really well and you enjoyed your new viewpoint! We would also spread your legs really wide to help you balance and sit you down in the middle of the bed and you'd sit for about two seconds before losing your balance, but we were still very proud and excited. Then just a couple days later, we sat you down in some grass and you just sat! For minutes and minutes on end! You weren't very sure of your new accomplishment, but Daddy and I were beaming!

You have also mastered the art of rolling. Rolling with a purpose! You can pretty much get around to all of your different toys that are (always) scattered across the floor. I have looked up to find you ten or more feet away from where you started! It is quite surprising how quickly some of these developmental milestones are reached. You are just checking them off the list one by one faster than we can blink!

We were finally able to get you to the west side of the state and have you dedicated at Lake City Church. It was so great acknowledging you as a gift from God in front of the church and we cannot wait to see the plans God has in store for you. While over there, Grandma and Grandpa (and Mom and Dad) took you to your first zoo- Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium! Its kind of neat because its the zoo I grew up going to. You thoroughly enjoyed yourself, but it was the people and kids that you enjoyed far more than the animals. :)

I don't really want to touch on sleep because, wait a minute. What is sleep, again? Ha. All kidding aside, you hate sleep. You come by it honestly, but waking every couple hours isn't easy even on this insomniac. We are up to our elbows in sleep training methods and are trying to figure out what works best for our family. So far, neither you or I are any good at the whole "crying it out" thing. You are a total champ at sleeping nestled up in our arms, but any where else? Yeah, not-so-much.

But in GOOD news, you no longer despise your car seat! Thank the ever-loving God! We were all but ready to sell the Jeep and walk everywhere because it was so awful every. single. time you were in the car. For our trip, we left dark and early in the morning for Lakewood, and you literally slept from the second we hit I-90, all the way until right before I-5! We could hardly believe it! Ever since, you're a champ in your seat. We don't understand it, but we're certainly not complaining.

All in all, you are a total joy. And even though most days, we're completely exhausted, and have given ourselves bedtimes as early as 7:30, we think we'll keep you around. We couldn't ask for a better baby.

Love you bunches, 


Your Favorite Things:

There really is no need to make a list, because for the most part they are all the same. Water and your puppies remain two of the most exciting things in your life. You are still a pretty big fan of books. You absolutely adore being tickled. Daddy usually makes you laugh the best. You are just a happy, giggly baby, and you really enjoy most everything.

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Hi Kristin: Took me forever to sign up so I can leave a comment.
This was just wonderful, sweetie!
Kind of like the old fashioned baby book- only moving!

It really love seeing how she is changing and growing.

Love you!

Grandma L